Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is The Tot Tote made for?

The Tot Tote was made for toddlers to early elementary age children. We have found that some families carry it as a diaper bag and some children, well into elementary or primary school, still like to carry or use The Tot Tote for car organization.

Are the backpack straps adjustable?

Yes. They are.

How much weight can The Tot Tote hold?

The average Tot Tote can hold 2-3 lbs. but we recommend not putting more into it than your child can wear comfortably on their back or hold on their shoulder.

What happens if my Tot Tote breaks?

We want you to be happy with your purchase at all times. If your Tot Tote breaks within the first year, let us know. We’d be happy to replace the bag or fix what is broken, at no charge. That’s right, a one year warranty on each purchase.

Where is The Tot Tote made?

The Tot Tote is made in the USA.

Can I wash my Tot Tote?

Yes, we recommend spot cleaning first but you can put it in the washing machine. Shrinkage will occur when put into the washing machine.   We also recommend hang drying your Tot Tote.

What if my Tot Tote is monogrammed. Can I still wash it?

Yes, please see above.

Did we answer your questions?

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