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Meet The Tot Tote!


As co-founder and professional errand runner for The Tot Tote, everyday is as exciting as it is different for Loria Oliver.

It was born out of a need to organize better while Loria and her family traveled. After she and her husband started their family with their first son in 2011 and then expanded it with their second son in 2012, life and travel quickly became less organized and a solution couldn’t be found on the shelves; so they created one..

The Tot Tote is manufactured by a family owned manufacture that has been doing custom sewing for several generations.Thestoryofus Remember, The Tot Tote is a multi-functional travel accessory for kids that can be worn as a backpack, carried as a tote bag and hung as a backseat organizer! How will you use it?

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2016 “People’s Choice Winner”, G60 Pitch Contest

The Tot Tote is a patented product  and it is a woman owned business.

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