How it Works


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The Tot Tote has many uses for your organizing and travel needs…

You can wear, carry or hang it!



2 thoughts on “How it Works

  1. The Tot Tote has been life changing on our long car rides. As a mother of two, active, messy boys – the Tot Tot,e has made my backseat go from jungle to organized oasis. Our family goes on about four 10+ hour car ride trips a year to visit family and I always dreaded the cleanup once we arrived at our destination. Now, I barely have any because the Tot Tote carries all the car ride games, activities, and snacks. The boys take pride in keeping their own Tot Tote organized during the ride and it’s easy to put in and out of the car with the snap strap. Clearly, this is the new way to travel. In addition to being easy to use – it is ADORABLE! Love the classic looks you have for the Tot Totes and looking forward to seeing more. I have two Racing Car Tot Totes :) Wishing I would have had these earlier when I lived abroad in Asia – was were always looking for something easy to use on public transport, long train rides, or airplane rides. This is perfect for the ‘on-the-go’ family!! Can be used daily to and from soccer practice – or for long trips. Thank you – our adventurous family loves our Tot Totes!!

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